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We are in the midst of rebuilding our web site and adding the things we had as well as new things. Please check back. Good thing I keep great records.



Well we are getting back into the groove of things now that all has settled down. We have been working on investigating two places in our area.
One is a private home where there have been numerous witnesses (previous owners and renters) to paranormal activity in the home. The little girl that lives there supposedly talks to the spirit as well as sees it.
 Another is a home that is stands vacant due to a hostage sitation in the home where the police had to shoot the hostage taker to end his rampage. This incident was covered by the media.
 Be sure and check back. These two investigations are set for early December. Also we would like to thank our new members. We are really growing fast. More on the new members coming as well. Give us time to get this site back up and running again as it once was. Thanks!
Scroll down and click on our guide to go to our second site while we rebuild this page.

This site is concerning the paranormal and investigations we have done in the past and for future investigations. We aren't here to impress anyone. One of our goals is to find answers. I can honestly say we are tired of investigators verbally thrashing each other instead of combining their talents together to truly search out answers instead of coming up with all the reasons they feel other groups are doing things wrong. A house divided against itself cannot stand. That's what we all are, a house "supposed" to be in this for the same reasons.

Our Mission

We offer our services free of charge to anyone who needs help with unexplained activity. Our main mission is to reach out to those who are struggling or scared. K & C Paranormal Investigations is a team with a heart. See all of our team members mini biographies on the FAQ/Contact Us page.

Becoming a Member

My husband Ken and I are the founders. We do consider others for membership. If you would like to be considered please drop us a line in our new email. Please know our members are not picked randomly, we do screen folks for obvious reasons. Thanks!

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

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Phone: 570-493-0966 cell no.

Click on our "Guide" below and he will take you to our second website with lots more to see and hear. You can visit there until we get things up and running here again.


We have investigations coming up very soon!

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